Lindner Quality Socks

All About Sock Sizes

Choosing the right size sock is important for comfort and durability, but sock sizing can be confusing. We’ve tried to make it a little easier with the guide below.

Please note: We knit our socks larger to allow for shrinking and settling. The sizes below will be correct after the first and second wash.

How to Measure Your Foot

The following tips will help you measure your foot so you can choose the right size for you:  How to measure your feet

  1. Stand on a flat surface with your heels against the wall
  2. Place a 30cm ruler on the floor beside the inside of your foot, from heel to toe, with the start of the ruler at your heel
  3. Position an object with a flat edge against the tip of your longest toe
  4. Your foot measurement is where the flat edge crosses the ruler
  5. Compare your foot measurement to our: Shoe Size Conversions Table

Women’s or Men’s?

All our sizes are unisex and designed to fit both men and women.

Between Sizes

As a general rule, if you are between sizes, for example, you are a women’s 8.5 (Aus/US) or a men’s 6.5 (Aus/US) and are unsure whether a Small (S) or Medium (M) is the right size for you, we recommend selecting the Small (S) if you have a narrow or average width foot. If you have a wide foot, we recommend you go up to a Medium (M), to give a bit of extra room.

Custom Sizes

If you require custom sizes such as a size 17 or larger, or if you require non-standard socks without elastic, then please contact us. We often make custom socks for our customers and we’re always happy to chat about your requirements.

How to Measure Sock Circumference

The following tips will help you determine if our socks will fit comfortably around your leg:


Lindner Socks guide to measuring sock circumference


  1. Using the Sock Style Table, work out the length of your preferred sock
  2. Standing on a flat surface, place a 30cm ruler vertically on the floor beside your foot, up your leg, with the start of the ruler flush with the floor to determine where the sock will finish on your leg
  3. Using a tape measure, measure around your leg (in cm) at the point where the sock will finish
  4. Refer to the Sock Style Table to determine if the sock will stretch to the circumference of your leg

The following tips will help you determine if our socks can be pulled up comfortably around your foot and ankle:

Our guide to measuring your ankle

  1. Using a tape measure, measure (in cm) diagnonally around your foot starting from the top of your foot, around your ankle joint, around your heel and back to the top of your foot
  2. Refer to our Sock Style Table, to determine if the sock circumference will stretch over your foot and ankle

For the stretch circumference of all of our socks, as well as sock widths and lengths, please see our Sock Style Table.